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Gregory Beaver, cello

Gregory Beaver

18-year veteran of the Chiara String Quartet, Gregory Beaver has performed and taught on 3 continents, including 13 years at the university level. Mr. Beaver's students have played with the Boston Symphony, Akron Symphony, North Neck Symphony and others. They have attended Juilliard, Curtis, Oberlin, and summer programs such as Aspen, Tanglewood and others. His series of tailored etudes for cello "Impossible Etudes" and "Possible Etudes" target areas for growth in specific students, and his wide knowledge of repertoire highlights the exact match for students at their current level. Mr. Beaver specifically focuses on repertoire that will expand the canon, working with living composers as well as the established masters. His expertise as a performer and teacher is recognized nationwide

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Gregory's creativity extends to the creation of new music through composition. Gregory is working on a set of etudes for cello, as well as composing concert works for ensembles, choir, and solo cello.


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Music is an essential pursuit. According to Oliver Sachs, research tells us that humans probably sang before we learned to speak. Gregory's students learn how to integrate the wider world with their playing, to become artists on the cello. Gregory's methods expand the artistry of music-making alongside the physicality of cello playing.

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